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White Flood Above Time - Sarah Marie Jackson
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Mary - Sarah Marie Jackson
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September 2, 2018

They say that times a healer,

But life’s so much meaner,

Still I’ll endeavour to grow leaner,

Dust away the cobwebs like a cleaner,

So today I sat down and wrote,

About a sailing boat,

Lost on a sea, struggling to stay afloat,

Still doting,

On memories and hearing still every...

August 27, 2018

To love is to let your light shine, 

Don’t box it up,

Like an unwanted child.

Set it free!

Let it see!

Allow it to be,

Care free against all odds !

It grows forth and bares fruit,

Don’t mute it’s sound,

Let it be profound!

Ever glowing round,

Every person,

Every street, 

Every nati...

August 13, 2018

One day you will thank yourself, 

For not giving up,

Even on days when 

You feel you might erupt,

I’ll not let it corrupt,

The peace within my soul, 

For there, there is always a home,

A place i’m free to roam,

For those who stole,

In a search to make me less whole,

My eyes are...

May 25, 2018

Sometimes I wake with so much self hate,

Towards my fate,

It makes me irate!

I see William Blake,

And realise that; I see matter is fake,

We are all made up of energy;

Of light and of love, 

Yet we loose sight of this as awareness,

As it flies away like a transcendent Dove,


February 28, 2018

A poem written Today, based on the start of a poem written 16/08/2009

I wish I was the one,

To make your heart skip a beat,

To make your voice bleat!

I wish I could be the one,

To make you complete!

I hope that our friendship,

Can still blossom possum,

Not unravel like a ball...

February 26, 2018

U make me want to breathe new life every day,

U make me want nothing but play,

U give me joy you give me strength,

U give love and comfort,

U give me foresight. 

U r my might in every plight.

U still know how to make my heart take flight,

U lift me up from my darkness,

In your...

February 26, 2018

In a circle we go,

To and throw,

Riding the waves on the irony of the merry go round,

Searching through the crowds,

My feet don't feel secure anymore on the ground,

But to u I am bound,

My love is whole and therefore round. 

It feels like u won't even throw me a pound of lard


February 26, 2018

This dream, 

Is bound by thin seams,

But still it beams and gleams,

An adjoining team,

The light streams through,

It bubbles and brews,

It's a rising stew!

I'm still waiting for my cue,

Some kind of clue,

Covering me like morning dew,

Still dreaming of the way I flew,

But I am fi...

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Soundscape:rocked the boat - Sarah Marie Jackson
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Dreamscape: lay down the past - Sarah marie Jackson
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