Sarah Jackson

An Artisan's story

Professional Info:


Qualified with BA Honours in Fine Art, at Kingston University, England

I continue my Fine art Practice, daily,

whether it be in doodle form, automatic writing, illustrations, sketches, painting or pen work,

I practice day to day,

but just for fun. 

I work in the care setting and occasionally incorporate;

writing skills and art/craft, poetry readings and story telling into my current job role. 

I would love to share my work to a broader audience in hope that it might influence, inspire and provide comfort for others. 

The purpose of this website is simply to do the above,

it has a  continual blog section 

which as well as the art practice is continually updated regularly, so please keep reviewing.

Life is a journey,

to which there is;

like Art,

no limits.

I hope that through these images and texts,

you as a viewer can be transported into the feeling of my journey so far.

For further info: 

Tel: 07526 622331