I wish I could understood,

The waves of his moods,

My mind broods,

Yet still it alludes,

And I cannot conclude!

If he could talk to me,

To help me see,

Maybe the answer would be,

Standing right in front of me,

Either way you owe me some clarity!

Instead you leave me on a hook,

Yet I see beyond that look,

I can read you like a book,

Yet here I am love stuck,

Hanging mid air with uncertainty,

Fearlessly I remain yours,

Though with every sway of the breeze,

I’m scared I’ll freeze,

Such feelings leave me uneasy,

The pull is making me queasy.

I need to know where I can stand,

So that I,

Can hold my ground.

The circle just isn’t quite round,

So the alarms sound,

So I’m left completely confound!

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