Expanding veins

They come and go,

To and fro,

Wading in,

Then float off with the tide!

Every time I have to force myself not to hide,

I have to bite my pride!

I let out a painful sigh,

I lose the high!

I often feel as though I could break down and cry,

Every time a part of me dies!

I find my feet,

My heart begins to beat,

I pull myself up in my seat,

And fill my broken heart,

With the sun's heat!

I imagine the sound of a lambs bleat,

And the sorrow fleets.

I rewind and delete,

Just so i can get some sleep,

and forget all the hurt that,

A happy heart can't keep.

The process is difficult and steep,

Still I must always take the leap,

And pull myself out of the ocean deep.

I watch my blood seep,

Like expanding veins,

seething through the open sea,

Washing away the stains,

Allowing me to pull back the reins.

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