Winding Road

Winding round the long and bendy road,

I feel like a toad,

I just can't grasp hold!

I'm waiting for the moment that they fold,

When they begin to feel bold,

Still I feel cold,

Even though I'm sold!

Plagued by mould,

Because I could never be told,

That I need to loosen my load!

The fear of loosing you was so great,

That made us break... I began to shake!

I could not wake you,

My face turned a deep shade of blue,

I couldn't stop using the loo...

I don't know what to do,

But I swear my heart is true,

And belongs only to you!

Above all else you've been a solid friend,

Always there even though,

I drive you round the bend!

I need to know where your heart belongs,

If it's not with me,

I will sail off to sea,

And try to let you be!

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