Intrusive Strobe

Feeding like a viper,

Stealing every mouthful,

Waiting with bated breath,

Discerning how to judge me,

Without the ability to see,

Pretending to know me,

Without the warmth of letting be,

Trying to change,

the flaws you see in me,

Without the understanding what drives,

me into treacherous seas.

Jumping on my every fault like hopping gleeful fleas,

Dishing out and serving tea,

Despite knowing my stomach could hold no more,

Still pushes me towards the shore,

Pushing harder, pushing more,

Picking at me like I was a flea,

Needing to be removed,

Just to prove your self righteous worth,

That’s what’s caused this scurvy,

Not me the root of lurgy.

If u want to help,

Accept me as I am,

Don’t dish out advice,

I didn’t ask for,

I’m not in need of a councillor,

I needed my friend,

Not to be driven round the bend,

I am not broken,

Therefore I do not need to mend!

I am no saint, I am no sinner.

I do not present myself as a winner,

I do not think u dimmer,

I don’t want this to continue to simmer,

But u presented so primmer,

I couldn’t stand to let u think yourself so much trimmer.

Yes I meditate, yes I pray,

I do not have to say it in order not to go astray,

My way ha!

I’m not the one forcing,

I’m not the one judging,

I’m not the one declaring it’s my way!

I just want to sit by the bay,

To hide away,

To play,

I’m not serving it all up on a tray.

I asked u for nothing,

It was you who came to me,

Why couldn’t u just be and let it be,

Why push n probe,

Like an intrusive strobe,

Why did you have to take such hold,

And spread your advice like unwanted mould.

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