I remember you

Holding your memory close to me,

Living day to day,

Year to year,

I remember you!

I still see your image every day of my life!

Waiting in the morning,

Guaranteed to see you making tea,

Half milk, half tea for you,

Wo sweetness and a sneaky teeth rottening,

Heaped teaspoon of sugar.

You with your mountain of cereal,

Kellogs Cornflakes, Rice crisps, Bran flakes, Oat bran,

Using every cereal you could muster.

Strange eccentric man.

Strange eccentric man, I see these images,

Your life is scattered around my house,

Around my room,

Scattered over my life and over my love.

I see you in so many things;

I will never forget you,

I learn’t and grew from your life and death.

I will always see a clear and vivid image of your face; of you.

Strangely though I will never think of you without your wig!

That wig that looked so odd had grown to your scalp,

In a manner that even after you chose to rid yourself of it,

The image of it clung to you.

Holding your hand as you took your very last breath,

I witnessed your lats single tear trickling down your cheek.

That tear I see, looking back now,

Was a symbol for me of life after death.

It was full, beautiful yet it stung your cheek,

That salty sticky tear of death!

I saw a pure you in that tear, that single drop.

When it finally took the great drop,

It’s salty liquid of life dissolved,

And left a deep impression on me,

I will always find you in strange places,

Like when I’m in the car and another vehicle passes us by.

A man old, with white hair,

With a gentle, yet wistful face,

Flashes past my vision in their green attire.

It is in these men that I see you for a moment.

I grasp on to it for as long as I can.

There was something, although we were not truly related,

That connected you to me,

And filled a part of my life. I miss you!

I miss being able to see these images in reality,

And to be able to grasp onto them for longer than a second.

When your last breath was taken,

Your last tear was dropped elegantly,

The last beat of your heart stopped,

I felt you leave.

I felt your soul, begin to slip away,

Yet part of your life,

I felt you breathed into me,

And part of me felt like,

It slipped away with you.

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