Lucid world

Retreating into my inner world,

Lucidly ebbing and flowing,

To-ing and throwing!

I wanted my thoughts,

And feelings to be heard,

Does this make me a sinner?

No it makes me a winner!

When I was a child,

I left all those I loved behind,

Not knowing what I would find!

I found an equally strong bind,

This as an adult made me fight, to hide,

But their might was wide!

The cost of my flight for freedom,

Was a hard chided!

I sighed just as hard,

And rode the tide,

But my subconscious thoughts had to die,

To work alongside their concept of a rational mind!

It feels now as though I am blind,

Blinded by their kindness,

Leaving me senseless in dealing with my stress,

I constantly feel perplexed and hexed.

What story I ask will unfold next!

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