Luminescent Light

Wading through the forest,

Of unwritten time,

Bound for home,

My heart roams,

To find the segments of my soul,

A piece you stole and replaced with a golden thrown.

An intertwining,


Undeniably unsatisfactory,

Taste of being alone,

Despite the love that ever grows.

Stone fragments once so strong,

Blown to ashes and scattered,

But never cold,

I hold the embers now glowing,

Hot to touch,

It burns,

How my head turns,

My heart Spurs,

My soul still yearns,

It hurts

I'd follow your light,

Into the depths of the night,

Into beyond, and hold you if u suffered a fright,

When your light fades,

And the shadows cascade,

When your heart falls into shade,

I'd raise my light,

To guide you through uncertain times,

I would not hide,

But be your helping guide,

I'd find the might,

To fight any plight,

I'd stand tall, even when u feel small,

I'd shine bright,

To bring back your luminescent light!

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