Not Giving Up

One day you will thank yourself,

For not giving up,

Even on days when

You feel you might erupt,

I’ll not let it corrupt,

The peace within my soul,

For there, there is always a home,

A place i’m free to roam,

For those who stole,

In a search to make me less whole,

My eyes are open and parole,

But shall not darken to the shade of coal,

Instead in my peace, like a foal,

who’s found it’s feet,

I’ll continue to beat

Excited and complete,

I will not be defeated by conseat,

I will not lay down like dead meat,

I’ll sludge through the peat,

And bend through the turbulence,

Like a consetina pleat,

Still they will not flatten my heart,

For joy and enthusiasm and care will never part,

Because it is in my core,so let them Mar,

I’ll simply leave the door ajar,

Let there words,


Rather than allowing myself to be shot by a zealous dart.

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