They say that times a healer,

But life’s so much meaner,

Still I’ll endeavour to grow leaner,

Dust away the cobwebs like a cleaner,

So today I sat down and wrote,

About a sailing boat,

Lost on a sea, struggling to stay afloat,

Still doting,

On memories and hearing still every note,

So I devote these words,

And emote these sentiments,

In mind to compliment,

The impact you made in my life,

Though it causes me some strife,

And curve balls in my life,

I still hold on to faiths might,

That despite internal plights,

I’ll forge forward carrying my light,

Knowing that even though the flame went out,

Something beautiful came about,

And continues to shine so bright,

I still can’t loose it from sight.

We are still tight in my minds eye,

Though I’m too shy,

To ever explain in detail, why,

So I let the time go by and by,

And know that even though ,

sometimes the memories,

still make me fly,

I have to deny,

And comply,

Even though the taste can sometimes leave me unsatisfied,

For reasons I can’t explain,

I still feel electrified.

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